Bae is an upscale Korean barbecue dining experience featuring state of the art Shinpo grill tables. Our authentic culinary experience offers a variety of beef, poultry, pork, seafood as well as vegetarian options. 




Vegetable Pancake | leeks | green onions | bae batter (v)
Seafood Pancake | scallops | shrimp |squid | green scallions | bae batter
Kimchi Pancake | chives | napa kimchi | bae batter




Korean Fried Chicken | gochu-jang glaze | sesame seeds
Grilled Shishito Peppers | umami-soy | sesame (v)
Crispy Bok Choy | garlic soy | shallots (v)
Pork Belly Buns| cabbage | green onions | gochu-jang Aioli | sesame leaves
Toasted Lobster and Scallop Roll | masago | butter | lettuce
Korean Beef Tar Tar | asian pear | egg | lettuce | pine nuts | sesame seeds
Crispy Fried Calamari | red curry | shallots | garlic | thai basil
Vegetable Tempura | assorted vegetables
Steamed Mushroom | trumpet | enoki | oyster | truffle butter
Stir- Fried Baby Octopus | baby potatoes | scallion aioli | cilantro
Steamed Branzino | ume-soy | mushrooms | green onions




Duck Mandu | confit duck | black garlic | sesame seeds | gochu- threads
Pork Belly Mandu | trumpet mushroom | cabbage | cilantro
Wagyu Mandu | coco malanga | truffle ponzu | cilantro
Deep Fried Crab Mandu | crab filling | cream cheese | kimchi emulsion
Vegetable Mandu | various vegetables




Spicy Tofu Hot Pot | chinese chives | eggs | enoki mushrooms
Kimchi Ramen | pork broth | porkbelly | egg




Bibimbap | rice | assorted vegetables | gochu-jang sauce | egg yolk
Chicken Rice | ginseng | gochu-garu | jujubes | rice
Kimchi Fried Rice | bacon | green onions | egg | sesame seeds




Braised Soft Pork Belly | soy braised | tofu | bok choy
Galbi Jjim | carrots | jujube | scallions
Stir fried Korean Udon Noodles | american wagyu | asian spinach | egg
Mushroom Bulgogi | ssam | sesame leaves
Bulgogi Saute | ssam | sesame Leaves
Pork Belly | vegetables
L.A Kalbi | stir fried vegetables
Wagyu | stir fried vegetables
Black Cod | asian green salad


Vegetables “Seasonal Garden Variety”
Corn, Bell Peppers, Trumpet Royale Mushrooms, Onion


The BAE Bar is located at the main entrance of our restaurant and features an extensive selection of spirits, wine and beer. Our menu of hand crafted cocktails will surely complement your flavorful meal. Fridays and Saturdays feature some of South Florida’s favorite DJs. So, whether you’re visiting to partake in our culinary offering or just simply to enjoy a cocktail with some friends, we will certainly make your evening special.



5711 Seminole Way Suite 100,
Hollywood, FL 33314


Hours of Operation

Thursday to Saturday

Sunday to Wednesday

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